Our Modules

With our expertise we have developed most advanced, simplified and integrated modules.

Admin Panel

Admin panel in the college management system enables easy supervision of all the administrative activities of the college by the authorized users of the ERP system. All the details are updated on the CMS, which makes monitoring of each and everything quite hassle free. All the functions of the management system can be operated from the admin panel and access can be provided to different users. The authorized users can manage a wide range of activities of the system from anywhere and anytime by logging in their accounts. The privileges for each user can be assigned through this admin panel.

User Management

All the modules come with essential filters and easy updating process. Therefore, it is convenient for the users to look for any given information on the Institute management system. Multiple logins can be created depending on the requirement and what amount of information is to be shared with each user can also be fixed in a hassle free manner. User Management allows creation of individual profiles for various user types such as Faculties, HODs, Students, parents. The number of authorized users and the privileges in terms of information sharing given to them can be controlled from this module quite easily and conveniently.


This module prevents the library management from becoming labor intense and time consuming. It provides easy updating of the information related to the books available, borrowed, and returned, etc. Access, cataloguing and circulation of books, issuing of the ID cards, all of the library functions become automated with this module. With just about few click, an authorized user can find out any piece of data from the ERP for college. Apart from this, vendor particulars can also be looked at through this module. According to the user kind, activities can be decided as well as the transaction record specifics can be viewed for all users.

Training Placement

With filters and updated database of student details, it becomes easy for the TPO to manage the entire training and placement process, thus, enhancing its efficiency. The module enables the registration of students and companies coming for hiring. The application and selection course can be handled digitally quite comfortably with the best educational ERP. This module allows campus-based placement activities to be carried out. TPO can register companies on campus, assess candidates & view the eligible as well as shortlisted students. Students can get an access to view and apply for Purestudy Jobs via our fresher dedicated placement portal. Different companies can view students’ profiles & contact eligible students directly for required vacancies.


The attendance of the students in the class can be very easily monitored through this module. Teachers or administrative staff can update the attendance manually and specific search results can be obtained for the attendance of a particular students by putting in the name or roll number in the ERP for college. This module enables a Faculty to mark self and students’ attendance, take necessary actions against students & approve/disapprove student leaves. Date wise, subject wise and semester wise students report can be generated very easily from this to assess their attendance related performance and tackle any issues regarding the same.

Report Generation

For evaluation aspects of your business reports are quite important and with this module you can effortlessly generate n number of reports. Comprehensive analysis of data and information ensures that you get effective and up to date reports for easy comparisons and improvisations. Several reports can be generated and printed according to the filters required such as user reports, session related reports, account related reports, library, inventory, payroll, admissions, fees related reports, etc. It is very easy to get reports on each and every aspect of the educational institution, whether it is the students’ performance, any management related function or even the attendance of the staff.


Admission procedures can be very tedious for the colleges too but with this module the entire process becomes quite streamlined and automated. It provides online submission of forms, dividing the applications based on various filters like marks, age, etc., generation of notifications to the candidates, analysis of applications and much more. It can also be integrated with the college management system, if required. This module enables online admission process right from filling up of admission forms and documents to receipt generation and section allocation etc. Internet payment gateway allows one click secure fee payments to the students and makes it easy for the management.

Session Management

With this module, management of various sessions on different subjects can be done easily. The teachers or instructors taking the session, students participating in the sessions, topics of discussion in the sessions, all of it can be managed by this educational software. Teachers and students can check the schedules of various sessions too. This module defines the course wise session details for faculties as well as students enabling them to maintain their daily and semester schedules along with report generation. Details regarding each and every session can be found on this module and students as well the faculty and staff members can access the same quite conveniently.

Course Management

This module offers handling of different courses run in the college. From the number of the students attending a particular course to the curriculum followed in a particular course, each and everything can be managed with this module. Student registration for a course can also be handled through this ERP for college. This module defines the entire basic structure of an educational institute. Every detail of courses offered at the institute is added here. Students can get all the information and updates regarding a particular course from this module and teachers or the staff members can directly upload all the particulars related to the course on the same.

Question and Answers Forum

The students may have various questions related to the subjects being taught in a particular class or may be something in general related to the college like the class timings, etc. can be managed via this Q & A module of college management system. Students, teachers and administrative staff can have access to this portal and the flow information can be made easier by application of this module. It is basically an open discussion forum where users can post new questions and comment on existing discussion threads. It ensures clear communication and the information shared in the platform is available for all the users.

Feedback And Quality Management

Managing the quality of the education quality of the college is quite essential. Thus, this module can be used to monitor the feedback given to the administration department by the students about various classes, teachers and sessions. Students can provide feedback related to all the activities of the college, therefore enabling the authorities to make the related changes in the college management system, if required. This module enables students to give feedback and comment on sessions conducted and also give ratings anonymously to the respective faculties. This assures maintenance the quality of education being offered at institute by the teachers.

Project Management

This module makes possible carrying out of projects in an easy and simple manner. The management bodies can take care of the appointment of project and weekly reporting as well as final submission, thus streamlining the work load on them. Execution of end to end processes can be take place in a hassle free manner through the use of ERP for college and a lot of time, energy and resources can also be saved. This module enables execution of end to end processes from allocation of project & weekly reporting to final submission simplifying the work load of management bodies.


In this module an exclusive internal mailing system is set up. It enables the individuals to send one on one as well as bulk mails for the ease of communicating with each other within and outside the system. An inbuilt notification system is also made available for all users, so that they can get notified about the important activities. Apart from all of this, there is a SMS sending feature through which the messages can be sent to the parents and students regarding important events, assignments, tasks, etc. related to the college. Our ERP for college offers a comprehensive communication system for the students, teachers, staff and others involved in the management.


With this module, Faculty members are able to create assignment for students and give feedback on the succumbed assignments by the students. The students can upload their assignments through this module, which is a part of the college management system. Students can check for assigned assignments and get all the related instructions for doing them. They can upload the completed assignments on the same module and get their grades for the same here itself. It becomes quite convenient for the teachers and the students to keep a track of the assignments being given and chances of human error can also be minimized.


The whole management of the inventory as well as stock needs of any educational institution can be taken care of by this module. The details of the inventory available, used and required can be maintained on this and through specific search; one can look up for any given item in the inventory list. From the stationery items being used in the college to the chairs and tables in each class, all of it can be documented and kept a track of. It becomes quite streamlined and convenient to be able to find all the required information on a single platform, well organized.


Hostel management including student registration, checking for vacancy, room allocation, fees management and building management can be done by this module. Authorities and hostel wardens can be given access to this educational software to ensure the easy and convenient management of the entire hostel. Students leaving the hostel at what time and coming back what time, all of it can be recorded on this module, which makes it quite easy to find out information about any specific student or time. All the information related to the functioning of the hostel can be managed through this and assignment of rooms can also be done through it.


With the help of this module management of information and data about the staff leaves, salary, advances, expenses, attendance information for all type of staff can be maintained. It can be very helpful for the HR department to generate computerized salary slips and to document the entire payroll of the employees in the institution via this educational software. Everything related to the salaries and incentives and benefits of the employees can be handled with the help of this software. A wide range of activities can be handled with payroll module of ERP for college, which makes it quite convenient for the officials.


This module takes care of all the finance associated doings linked to academic institutions. From admission procedure to discharging of vendor payments and incomes along with utility accounts to defining funds etc. can be done through this module of Account. It makes the entire accounts management streamlined and reduces the chances of errors, thus making it the best educational ERP. Whether it is handling the expenditure on stationery or keeping a tab on the expenses on a particular event held in the college, all of it can be documented and maintained by this module. The accounts can be made available in different formats for the use of the management authorities.


To make it easy for the students, this module can be used. They can apply for and get various certificates like transfer certificate, leave, bona fide, library card, I-card and bus pass, etc. from this. It would save a lot of time and resources as well as make it convenient for the students and employees of the institute. All the details regarding the students need to be provided and then an application for issuing a particular certificate should be filed and within sometime the required document should be made available to the student. Students can get the certificate printed through this module.


To make the entire process of examination less labor intense for the institution as well, this module is just perfect. With this module several exams can be created, arrangement of seat numbers can be done, mark sheets can be generated, internal exam and mark sheet records can be retained. The whole procedure will become methodical as well as documented. In this module various exams are created, arrangement of seat numbers is done, mark sheets are created, internal exam and mark sheet records are maintained. It becomes quite easy to get any information regarding the examination from this module by the users.


This module allows all undertakings associate with transport department such as the defining bus routes, fares, bus maintenance, etc. It makes it possible for the students to select a bus route and apply for bus pass by paying fees online. The teachers and students using college vehicle for transportation can also look up for the timings of buses run at different times and the number of stops of the bus for their convenience. This module enables all activities related to transport department like defining bus routes, fares, bus maintenance, etc. are carried out here. Students can select a bus route and apply for bus pass by paying fees online.